Lomai interview on All Talk Radio.net

Lomai will be interviewed by Maxwell Silverhammer, host of The Shit That Irks Me radio podcast tonight at 7:06pm PST(9:06pm CST). Go to Alltalkradio.net to check it out!!!

21H2 opening for Earatik Statik

21st Century Hip Hop will open for Earatik Statik on May 4th at the Wise Fools Pub (2270 N. Lincoln) to celebrate the release of the new single from ES, “Big Fire”. Be there!!!

Lomai interviewed on Aw-Sick

Lomai has a feature interview on Aw-Sick.blogspot.com, DJ E’s website for underground music. Here’s the link.

Lomai to be interviewed on Aw-Sick

Lomai will be featured on awsick.blogspot.com, DJ E’s new blog that features music and videos from underground artists. Check back here for more updates.