Directed By: Lomai

Running Time: 1:28
Content Rating: PG (Parental Guidance)
Genres: Science Fiction >> Drama
Influences: Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield, The Twilight Zone, Collapse, The God Who Wasn’


What if God were proven to exist by scientists? How would you react? Would you be skeptical? Joyous? This is the premise of Proven, a fictional “dramatic mockumentary” that is one part The Blair Witch Project and one part The Twilight Zone, blended together to create a micro-budgeted film that is like no other. Several people are interviewed(a scientist, a reverend, etc) and as the the film moves forward, their responses about this discovery reveal more and more about the person giving them, peeling back the layers to expose both the prejudice and the humanity contained in our flawed species. A must see.


  • Rev. Nathaniel Parks: Arch Harmon
  • Mathew “Sai” Volkner: Terrence Mardis
  • April Koteas: Victoria Abram-Copenhaver
  • Kate Salvo: Chandi Ziebarth
  • Ceasar Solivera: Agapito “K-Mind” Rodriguez
  • Constance Higgins: Yvonne Ambrose
  • Sen. Ed Hagen: Dennis Shroeder
  • Kathleen Weber-Pruitt: L.J. Flora
  • Gerald Mullinex: Charlie Jensen
  • Luke Lorenge: William Sayre


  • Director: Lomai | bio