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21st Century Hip Hop is a collective of 5 solo artists, one group and one producer who have come together to redefine Hip-Hop. Rap music has suffered an increased decline in quality and creativity and 21st Century Hip Hop has taken it upon themselves to put a stop to this.

21st Century Hip Hop combines elements of rap, rock and electronic music to bring about a fresh new sound to a tired genre. Mix this with new subject matter (listen to the song “Devil Horns” and/or “Fuck The Hood” as an example) and add lyricists who are not afraid to name names (they hate the industry and what it has come to represent) and you get a whole new take on what it means to be hip hop in the 21st century, hence the name.

21st Century Hip Hop is neither underground or commercial; they stand in a category all to themselves. Their new album, The Short Bus Initiative, takes aim at the terrible state of the industry and how banal it has become. Dedicated to the craft of lyricism and the advancement of real hip-hop, 21st Century Hip Hop is not afraid to confront challenges and advance ideas in these increasingly PC times.


  • Lomai – lyricist
  • Absurd – guitar, drums, keyboards etc.
  • K-Mind – lyricist
  • Braids – lyricist
  • Aztec Dinero – lyricist
  • Blacc Rage – fucking gangsta


The Short Bus Initiative