Absurd was created by an unknown source of energy flavored by an eccentric 89 yr old soul trying to reconcile the differences between this earths metaphysical realm with the JEZZ dimension. Absurd was named after himself, when he began saying “I am Absurd” into the mirror at the tender age of 24.This amazing identity pronoun discovery was made after he found himself stapling Eggo Waffles on his walls to appreciate the neurological process in his embodiment. Every time the deceased wandering 89 yr old soul has an urge to chaotically make peace between different dimensions of the universe, Absurd begins to manifest musical sounds with voices from other creatures he has surrounded himself ever since there was a collapse of the Wizard Lizards that controlled much of humanity. Absurd’s sounds that we call ‘songs’ have given him peace and great amounts of Sparkling Blueberry Soda.

(bio by robbi style)