Braids was brought up where struggling Luciferians would electrocute themselves in an attempt to escape their demonic possession. Braids occupied himself by braiding his little sisters hair in an abandoned warehouse when the screams and dying tortured souls were trying to pull out their organs violently. Hence, he was named “Braids” – To escape the torturous world downward spirals pulling his family into the depths of bottomless abyss – Braids found peace braiding hair. Soon he started to braid the locals hair. Til this day, there are many tortured souls of little children crawling their way into Braids life – laughing hysterically trying to peel off his skin, especially the memorable time of his eyelids being pulled apart. Braids expresses himself in order to ward off the crawling animalistic tortured souls trying to find their way into his Mind. Braids – braiding hair – braiding alphabets into words – eventually these sentences tend to ward the smokeless fire friends.

(bio by robbi style)