A 6’7″ brother hailing from Ft. Lauderdale by way of Omaha, NE, DJ Ceez is the resident DJ for 21st Century Hip Hop. Born Clarence Jones, and having hooped at Creighton University and Univ Of Ill at Chicago, he’s been spinning for over 20 years, everything from hip hop to deep house, from jungle to alternative. 6 months after getting his first pair of 1200s he was in the midwest DMC DJ championship battling the likes of Bad Boy Bill and Mike “Hitman” Wilson. He then started his own mobile DJ service, MC Productions with his partner Mark Davis. Building on that success, he joined forces with DJ Nick Cam Cam to form Vibe Inc. Productions producing groups like S.E.L.F and Endiskize. From there he went on (along with Nick), to form the rock/hip hop group Colla Destra, playing at all the major venues in Chicagoland like the China Club, Metro and Shelter.  In 1998, Ceez joined The Lodge Company and was the resident DJ at 3 of their main venues, Life’s Too Short, Shennanigan’s and Mother’s Nightclub. Still wanting to conquer other goals, Ceez went on to host “DJ Ceez’ Operation Underground” show on WDGC 88.3 in Downers Grove, IL. You can catch DJ Ceez on “The Jack and Jill Show”.

More on DJ Ceez:

  • Favorite MC: Rakim (“He set the gold standard for me”)
  • Favorite DJ: Pete Rock, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier and DJ Craze
    (“It’s like trying to pick your favorite child, can’t do it…these four DJs made me wanna DJ”)

  • Favorite Food: Shrimp
    (“Would battle family members for the last shrimp on the table!” Haha!)

  • Favorite Movie: Do The Right Thing
    (“A classic…if only for the “LOVE/HATE scene with Radio Raheem.”)

  • Favorite TV Show: The Boondocks
    (“Up the ante for TV to me-giving glimpses of the urban reality I thought I’d NEVER see on TV”)

  • Personal Heroes: My dad and my mom (“You all should have parents like mine…I wanna make them proud…always.”), Martin Luther King (God aside, HE’S the REAL reason I can do what I do”), Muhammed Ali (“..Simply “The Greatest Of All Time”…period.), Nelson Mandela (“…had me feelin’ like black was the thing to be…”)
  • Favorite Sport-: basketball…duh…
  • You’ll Never Beat Me: Playing pool, ping pong or Backgammon (“I mean it”)
  • Favorite Book: ”Freakonomics” by Steven Leavitt and Stephan Dubner, “The Audacity Of Hope” by Barack Obama and “In His Words…Martin Luther King”. (“Each of these books affected me in different ways..but all GREATLY”)
  • I NEVER Get Tired of: Spinnin’ and making beats. (“I have sacrifice food to do either”)