Keep It Kraq’n video released!!!!!

The video for Braids latest single, Keep It Kraq’n, is out right now! Take a look at it in our videos section.


21H2 performing @ Red Line Tap Sept. 13th!!!!


Lomai interviewed on The Shit That Irks Me radio show!!!!

Check out the interview here:


Lomai interview on All Talk!!!!!

Lomai will be interviewed by Maxwell Silverhammer, host of The Shit That Irks Me radio podcast tonight at 7:06pm PST(9:06pm CST). Go to to check it out!!!


21H2 featured on!!!

21H2’s new album, “2112”, has been reviewed on by Amina Norman-Hawkins. Check it out right now!!!


2112 record release party @ Livewire on June 30th!!!


“2112” album track list

Here is the track list for 21H2’s upcoming album, 2112:

1. Concrete Warriors feat. Braids, Lomai and Darcy
2. We Are the Future feat. Braids and Lomai
3. Do Them Thangz feat. Spare Lungz, Lomai and Christine Fasan
4. Swigga My Swag feat. Braids, Lomai and Taj
5. Illuminati feat. Genocide, Lomai, Braids and E-Fx
6. Insane World feat. Braids and DJ Ceez
7. See That feat. Lomai, Braids and Burton Markham
8. The One feat. Lomai, Braids and Christine Wilkerson
9. Bright Shiny Things feat. Lomai, Braids and Darcy
10. Corporate Sponsors feat. Lomai
11. I Ain’t Nobody feat. Fully Automatic
12. 2112 feat. Lomai, Braids and Christine Wilkerson
13. Hotel Prag feat. Lomai, Braids and Darcy
14. One Time For Ya Mind feat. Lomai


Lomai interviewed on Newboy Radio!!!!!!!

Lomai was interviewed by Newboy Radio, special thanks to DJ E and Dnewz. Here’s the link: to listen, click here.