Tuesday, July 27, 2010



Robin Dixon

21st Century Hip Hop’s Sophomore Album “Schematic to the Panic” Brings the Heat and is Very Necessary.

Chicago (July 27, 2010) – The powerful underground sound of “Schematic to the Panic” definitely brings the heat.  From the first song of this soon to be released album, its in-your-face lyrics will intrigue you.  With songs like “Marching to Oblivion”, a track about the end of the world will easily infuse its listeners with a true expression of what Hip Hop is about – rapping about life and social experiences. 

21st Century Hip Hop’s five-member crew has roots that are vast and diverse.  The groups Producer, Absurd has Serbian roots, DJ Ceez, Lomai, and Braids are all African American, and E-FX is from Mexico.  Together they produce a sound that is bold and original.  “N.E.R.D. meets Nirvana”, Lomai (Tommy Sigmon) says with a grin as he describes the groups style of Hip Hop.  “21st Century Hip Hop was created to point the way to a new era in Hip Hop, one without boundaries or definitions…as a group we respect and uphold the traditions of previous eras of Hip Hop music, but not at the expense of the present, and our own personal expression”.

21st Century Hip Hop rips the mic as they spit calculating messages about social issues, politics, and an overwhelming lack of substance in Hip Hop.  The “Schematic to the Panic” album showcases the group as practical, yet true visionaries.

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